Getting from Vienna Airport to City

Getting from Vienna Airport to City


The Vienna International airport (VIE) is accessible from the city centre of Vie Vienna by Taxi nna by Taxi, Tain, and Bus. There is an exclusive Vienna airport taxi that can cost approximately €3ity Airport Train station or the public  Schnellbahn S7. The tickets for the CAT costs €16 and can reach the airport in 16 minutes. The public S7 costs only €3.90, with an average travel time of 25 minutes. The buses can also provide quick services at affordable rates of under €8 with only 20 minutes of the journey.

How to hire a taxi from Vienna airport to the city centre

Hiring a taxi is the most convenient way of reaching the city centre from the international airport. You can identify Vienna taxis with their roof taxi signs and letters TX at the end of their plates. You might need to wait in line to find a taxi for yourself during rush hours, but you can also book a taxi in advance to save time and to avoid any negotiations with the local drivers.

The fare for the taxi will be calculated by a meter, depending on the distance. Extra costs for tolls and late-night driving may apply. You can also check the fixed prices online on the websites to find whether there will be any extra charges after you pay for the booking. The average price range for a taxi can be around €36.

Taxi from Vienna airport

How to get a train from Vienna airport to the downtown area

Vienna is connected with a train network from the airport to the downtown area. The city centre train station is called Wien Mitte with two different trains that head to the airport. You can board the public train Schnellbahn S7, or the CAT, the special airport train.

The S7 tickets cost €3.90 from downtown and can reach the airport in 25 minutes. It has multiple stops which can make it easy for you to board it from around the city.

The City Airport Train (CAT) has a direct line to Wien Mitte Station station which is faster than the S7 but also costs more. A standard ticket cost €12, and the journey takes 16 minutes to reach the airport.

Both the stations are located five minutes away from the check-in hall and the baggage claims area. There are train signs throughout the airport to connect you to the station from the fastest route.

Airport Train

How to get a bus from Vienna airport

The buses run 24 hours a day from the Vienna Airport to the Schwedenplatz bus station. The buses depart in every 30 minutes, and the overall journey takes 22 minutes, including all stops. The tickets can be available on the bus with a maximum price of €8.

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