Comfortable Ways to Travel to and from Vancouver International Airport

Comfortable Ways to Travel to and from Vancouver International Airport

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Travelling to the airport and from the airport tends to move around a set of methods that are inclined to reap in the mode of comfort. These ways are crucial to the entire process, and people often tend to choose either one of them. As a result, we are here to spread the word and help out every single traveller. So if you’ve been planning to go on a trip to Vancouver, then these are a few methods that will safely get you to the airport and back to the city.

1. Taxi

Vancouver taxi companies are all around the place and have been in the business for an extended period of time. Developed in 1996, the service comes into the picture soon after drivers receive training from TaxiHost. As an award-winning program, TaxiHost includes eight modules that range from driving with finesse to advanced levels of customer service. Apart from that, it also helps individuals transport people with disabilities. Due to all that, their licensed taxis are allowed to drop-off passengers at YVR and back to the city.

Vancouver taxi

2. Car

Car rental companies have various desks at YVR, further enhancing the process of hiring and returning your rental car. The straightforward method makes matters click, and anyone can opt for the service. On the other hand, the routes to travel are plain and easy, and you can use GPS to make the journey effortless. So if you wish to be your own boss and do some exploring, then the car rental service of Vancouver can help you out. Hence think about the same and make the right decision.

3. Public Transit

Apart from rental services and taxi services, Vancouver also offers rapid rail service that links the airport to downtown Vancouver and other parts of Richmond. Approximately, every seven minutes, a train leaves from the airport station and there are around 16 stops along the line. At downtown Vancouver, the train stops at Vancouver City Centre, Yaletown and Waterfront. In terms of expense, this particular service is affordable and makes a lot more sense than the rest. With a fair price ranging between $4.25 to $5,00, you can proceed to travel a lot.

Public Transit

4. Limousine and Ride-Hailing

If you want to turn up the heat and make things luxurious, then the Limousine and car service is here to push you forward in the right direction. While flying to YVR, numerous companies offer pre-arranged meet-and-greet services that take place with officially licensed limousine companies. Apart from that, if you’re an individual who likes simplicity, then Lyft and Uber services are also here to brighten up your day. Hence, choose either one of these services and proceed to have a great trip.

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