Convenient Modes to Travel back and forth Pulkovo Airport

Convenient Modes to Travel back and forth Pulkovo Airport

Pulkovo Airport

Pulkovo Airport is the International airport that serves St. Petersburg and provides a safe route for travellers. But today that is not our main area of focus. Instead, we will be looking into different methods to help you get back and forth to Pulkovo Airport. So if your next destination happens to be St. Petersburg, then this article will help you go through certain pieces of information that you need to know about. Hence, without further ado, here are a few convenient modes to travel to and from Pulkovo Airport.

1. Taxi Services

The taxi service in St. Petersburg involves several private companies that move all around the place without government administration. Due to that, you may not find them with a particular colour or any other specific forms. But they are reliable and can help you reach your desired destination in a matter of time. When it comes to Pulkovo airport, it is quite common for travellers to hire these taxis, as they get to go all around the city. With a minimum fare, all your activities can be formalised, and you can proceed to make things count.

Taxi Services

2. Bus Service

The Bus service of St. Petersburg is another popular option that comes to the rescue of travellers. But you may never find a direct link from the airport to the centre because the network is limited. So from the airport, you will have to take one among the three offered buses and then proceed to go to the metro station. From there, you can utilise the blue line and reach the centre of the city. On the whole, the journey will take about 1 hour and 20 minutes, which is inclusive of the waiting time. But the benefit of the same tends to be the cost because you will not be spending a lot.

3. Private Transfer

Apart from all the commercial services, the City of St. Petersburg also offers private transfers and can be booked online. All you need to do is to check the relevant website and complete the procedure by formulating the payment method. The driver will meet you at the right location and then will proceed to you from there. If you’re travelling with your family, then Private transfers are convenient and reliable. But before booking the same, you need to track down the right service by looking into their charge, reputation and number of years of service.

Once you’re ready with these options, then you will be able to land with an excellent service who will enhance your plans to the right extent. Hence, look into these options and think about the best method to go back and forth to Pulkovo Airport.

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