Getting to and from Lisbon Airport

Getting to and from Lisbon Airport


Lisbon, the Capital of Portugal, is a famous travel destination, as people from all around the world come to visit. Its heritage and other such factors, help craft their vacation into something memorable. So if you’re one among these individuals who want to travel to Lisbon, then you need to be aware of the different methods to travel back and from Lisbon airport. As a result, we decided to provide a helping hand and formulate a guide containing various means of transport. Hence, keep reading if you wish to know more.

1. Taxi Service

In terms of convenience, the taxi service takes the lead as it will help you reach your destination on time. The easy method is quite popular all around Lisbon, and you can also utilize the same to travel all around the city. These taxis do not look similar as they are painted in different colours. But it’s quite easy to spot one and proceed to make it your ride home. In case you’re picking one from the airport, then you will have to wait in line like the rest. The trip to the centre should take about 20 minutes thanks to less traffic.

Taxi Service

2. Bus Service

Lisbon’s bus service is another popular option that follows specific routes and various other procedures. For the airport to the city centre of Lisbon, you have the Aerobus Line 1 that is a special bus by Carris/Yellowtours. You can get off at any stop, and these buses tend to depart from the airport every 20 minutes with the average travel time being 45 minutes. The price for the same also relies under the criteria for affordability and manages to help you reach the desired location.

Apart from Aerobus Line 1, you also have Line 2, which travels towards the financial centre of Lisbon. Due to that, you can always rely on these services as their network tends to connect to some of the significant points of the city. Hence, move forward to learn more about the same.

Bus Service

3. Metro Service

The metro network of Lisbon shares a direct connection with the airport, thus making it another convenient mode of transportation. But if you wish to get to the centre, then you will have to switch lines and get into the right metro line. To simplify the procedure, you should use the red metro line from the airport and then change to the green metro line at Alameda. Later, all you need to do is to get off at Baixa-Chiado. In this manner, your travel plans will be secure, and the metro trains also run at 6-9 minute intervals. As a result, the journey towards Central Lisbon will take about 35 minutes.

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